ALTARIS Microsoft End-user licensing

We work with Enterprises Large and small to deliver services to optimize the management and renewal of their Volume Licensing/Enterprise agreements. We not only help you understand your entitlements on-premise but also how you can leverage them in the Public Cloud.  




Perform a Microsoft reconciliation or in other words, obtain a full inventory and understanding of what Microsoft software is installed across your business and what licenses your company is entitled to use (owns).

In this manner, you will be prepared for a software audit, mitigate potential compliance + cyber security concerns, and identify areas where you may be over-licensed and over-spending when it comes to Software.  


Altaris will optimize in all available areas to reduce financial cost while remaining compliant :

  • License Optimization: Altaris will look for areas to recast the same licenses to receive optimal deployment benefits.

    License re-harvesting:  Altaris will identify under-consumed licenses to be redeployed to avoid purchase of an additional new licenses

  • Software Deployment Optimization:  Altaris will recommend changes to deployment configurations to reduce licenses and support cost, including but not limited to Cloud migration recommendations.



Managing Enterprise Agreement(s)/ Volume License Agreement(s), and annual true-ups can be very challenging and cumbersome for any business.   Altaris will work with your team to evaluate and navigate all available software licensing programs, and agreement types to ensure you’re saving money both in the short term and long run.   Along the way, Altaris will provide best practices to ensure you’re obtaining the best pricing, terms, and amendments within the agreements themselves.