SPLA licensing is complex. Not only from a compliance and reporting perspective, but it also dictates how a company ultimately prices out services and products to end customers. One small error in managing the software installed can wipe out company profits.

Save time and money by outsourcing the management of your SPLA environment to Altaris Cloud.  Report in an optimal manner, reduce hours spent producing SPLA usage reports, reduce compliance risk, and maximize revenue.




No one has the experience of Altaris Cloud.  We are SPLA focused and know how to report, how to optimize, and how to mitigate exposure.  Audits are on the rise. Don’t be caught unprepared.

An inventory tool alone isn’t the answer. It tells you what’s deployed, but it doesn’t provide the expertise necessary to fully optimize your hosting environment and it doesn’t tell how to report it correctly. Altaris Cloud’s License Management as a Service delivers both the what and the how to ensure optimization and compliance.

Don't be a Statistic!


Companies out of compliance with software licenses

Companies who paid over $1M in compliance settlements

Average software license budget increase in 2016 Due to Software License Complexity

Companies who went through software audits last year

Will you be one of the thousands of SPLA Partners Microsoft audits this year?

Don't waste time and resources each month trying to figure out the nuances of Microsoft SPLA licensing. We provide optimized monthly usage reports, reduce compliance risk, and help maximize your profits.




Asset Discovery

Reduce time spent from hours to minutes. Automated monthly scanning of your Microsoft estate.

Audit Trail

No more 3-year look back assumptions. Full audit trail at your disposal come audit time.

License Optimization

Reduce costs, increase margins! Identify and optimize both licensing and infrastructure environments.

Compliance Support

Compliance experts at your disposal. Support and guidance provided through every phase if you undergo a compliance motion with Microsoft.

Time and Resource Savings

SPLA usage report created by Altaris every month. All you need to do is submit to your Reseller.

License Desk

Unlimited use of our License Desk Service. Altaris offers unbiased and accurate guidance not found anywhere else.