No more responses that are just a copy and paste from the SPUR!

Your data center is your profit center and you require accurate and timely answers on how to manage the licensing for it.  Don’t wait another week for a vague or inadequate answer from your Reseller or Microsoft.

Altaris provides tailored responses to your licensing questions you can put into action.  Environments are dynamic and you need to be nimble and make changes on the fly.  The Altaris License Desk is the premier SPLA support system for you to make decisions on running your hosting business.




On Demand Support

Ability to raise an unlimited number of tickets!

48 Hour SLA

Get the licensing answers you need NOW so you can make decisions without delay!

Tailored Guidance

A copy and past from the SPUR won't do. Receive answers that are relevant to your specific business conditions.



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How much does this cost?

The Altaris License Desk is a subscription service. The pricing is determined on a few factors, mostly customer environment size, monthly spend in the SPLA program, and number of users.

Is this a solid investment of my budget?

The support you receive from Altaris is tailored and specific to your actual question. We do not simply copy and paste from the SPUR, or give general guidance. We dig into your questions to provide answers you can act on. In most cases, we have witnessed customers decrease SPLA spend over a 12-month period that is greater than the fees spent on their License Desk subscription. Can't beat that!

Can I use this service for audit support?

Short answer is no. License Desk is intended to be used for licensing and technical questions regarding your SPLA licensing and reporting. Altaris does offer services related to Microsoft compliance matters. These types of projects are more time intensive and reach far beyond the scope of licensing questions.

Why not just ask my Reseller?

It is certainly possible you can use your Reseller for guidance and support. However, Altaris offers best in class guidance, that is defendable in an audit scenario. Resellers are great, but keep in mind, they are paid by Microsoft. Most Resellers have hundreds if not thousands of customers. They simply do not have the time and resouices to be dedicated to you like Altaris Cloud is.

Why can we trust your answers?

The Altaris team has over 30 years' experience with the Microsoft SPLA program. We helped design and build the SPLA compliance program. We have worked for SPLA Resellers. We are ex-Big 4 Accounting Firms who have performed hundreds of SPLA audits on behalf of Microsoft. We have likely been involved with any scenario you can throw at us.

What do I really get?

Tailored guidance. We make sure we have all data from you before providing you with the correct guidance. We will not simply copy and paste from the SPUR. Licensing rules can be complex and open to interpretation. We will provide you with guidance to keep you in compliance, defendable in audit, and that allows you to make proper business decisions that affect your bottom line.

You will also have access to our SPLA Knowledge Bank where we have documented scenarios from other Customers that you can apply to your hosted business

How does this work?

Altaris provides each company with access to our License Desk portal. You will be able to submit tickets in this portal, or simply by sending an email to Altaris. The portal will provide you access to our SPLA Knowledge Bank and you can see all your ticket history and progress in one location.